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Want to know the best cable TV provider around you? Okay, that's the end of your search. We have partnered with some of the best cable TV companies to provide you with quality services, so you never have to compromise on entertainment choices. Whether you are looking for cable, fiber optic or satellite TV services, you can find them in our database. Check out some of the best TV service providers:

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Cable TV Providers

Cox Contour TV provides you with personalized recommendations


Spectrum brings you the highest definition content, and there is no contract


AT&T ranks No. one in Customer satisfication, Either its IPTV or Satellite TV.

Cable Channel Guide

From the industry's top cable service provider

Cable TV service is still needed. Indeed, interest in real-time or on-demand streaming options is rising. However, the charm of cable TV networks is difficult for millions of people to get rid of. This is where the industry's top cable providers profit from it. In recent years, they have realized the modernization of cable TV services by innovating the function of TV viewing. Introduced a new level of convenience and flexibility. They also made the channel lineup more focused on audience favorites. And, more diversification in order to adapt to the growing consumer preferences.

Below are the best and most widely used cable service providers in the industry, their TV plans and channel lineups. Check their channel guide carefully so that your subscription will bring you more value for money.

Popular channel lineup


  • Spectrum TV Select with 125+ channels
  • Spectrum TV Silver with 125+ channels
  • Spectrum TV Gold with 200+ channels
  • Cox TV Starter with 75+ channels
  • Cox Contour TV Essential with 140+ channels
  • Cox Contour TV Ultimate with 250+ channels
  • Mediacom Local TV with 50+ channels
  • Mediacom Essential TV with 125+ channels
  • Mediacom Variety TV with 170+ channels
  • Xfinity Digital Starter with 140+ channels
  • Xfinity Digital Preferred with 220+ channels

Cheap TV service near you!

Who says entertainment must be expensive? The service provider must provide you with a basic cable product line-you can bundle it with the Internet to make your investment more valuable. You only need to subscribe to higher-level packages if you want a more detailed channel lineup and packages with more features and privileges. However, this will fully satisfy your desire for an all-round TV experience.

After understanding basic TV entertainment and bundling it with high-speed Internet, what will become of cheap TV entertainment.

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1 year and 12 months. agile

Use Xfinity's 10+ channels and 100 Mbps internet


12 months when bundled

Mediacom provides more than 50 channels and 60 Mbps internet


1 year and 12 months. svc. agile

Use Cox's 75+ channels and 50 Mbps internet


Internet price for 24 months

40+ channels and 300 Mbps Internet with Grande

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